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As the last few days of peace slipped away, Hitler and his Nazi regime made their plans for an all out attack on Poland. The UK and France had made a treaty with Poland to come to her aid in the event that their nation was attacked. Hitler knew of this but miscalculated by thinking that Britain and France would not honour this obligation to their European ally.

On the first of September 1939 the German Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe attacked Poland on a false pretext, this left Britain and France no alternative but to issue an ultimatum that a state of war would exist between the countries if the Germans did not withdraw from Poland.

The ultimatum expired at 11.00am on the 3rd of September 1939, and this left Britain no choice but to declare that a state of war now existed between itself and the Third Reich.

Both Britain and France mobilised their armed forces, the French manning the Maginot Line whilst the British despatched an expeditionary force into France.

Supply chains were set up to equip the army with fresh supplies of ordnance, but it is unlikely that much of this initially came from the Royal Ordnance factory in Bridgend.

For months little happened on the Western front, the conflict being dubbed a “phoney war” by some.

However, this quiet period bought valuable time, allowing time for the re-equipment of the armed services with new weapons and munitions in preparation for the coming conflict.

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