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Production Targets

After the fall of Dunkirk so much arms inventory was lost it became a major replenishment job to re-equip the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Some of this equipment was to eventually come from the United States of America, but it must be remembered that at this point in time Britain stood alone against the Third Reich.

Initially, the government had to consider the defence of the realm and forget any idea of re-invading the continent.

The Services were in need of all types of munitions and it soon became apparent that production of ordnance would have to be stepped up. Directives were issued to all Royal Ordnance Factories to accelerate their expansion and output plans.

This was to have a significant impact on the Bridgend Royal Ordnance Factory, as within a very short period of time the site capacity doubled and production figures began to soar.

So much ordnance was being produced that bomb casing were often stored on the nearby A48 trunk road approaches.

Bomb filling also went into top gear, with the filling of incendiary bombs sometimes causing major problems with spills of Yellow Phosphorus. This led to a major enquiry on how to treat and dispose of the wastewater to prevent it from contaminating the local streams and rivers . (See reference AY2/446 and "WASTE" in the WAR "Production" chapter)


However, nothing was allowed to stand in the way of the production of ordnance saving safety, but otherwise it had priority over all civilian production. Detailed production figures are not available, but it is understood that at the peak of its output in 1942 over 100 million rounds of artillery ammunition were produced, the Arsenals production targets were often topped with few rejects. See Appendix 12

In fact the quality control methods, and production techniques that were used in the R.O.F would not be employed in other industries for many years after the war.



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