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Public Record Office Kew

Document No. Detail Status
T161/1016 Purchase of site and erection of buildings For the Bridgend ROF filling factory andMagazines at Brackla Hill Open document
AVIA 22/1040 Rates of pay at ROF Bridgend and Glascoed Monmouth 1939/1951 Open document
AVIA 22/2500 ROF at Bridgend and Glascoed Mon acceleration of building to completion 1939/40 Open document
AVIA 46/309 ROF construction costs 1935 - 1947 Open document
AVIA 11 Ministry of Supply private office papers 1939 - 1949 Open document
AVIA 46/275 Explosive Royal Ordnance Factories 1936 - 1944 Open document
AVIA 22/1026 Employment of women and young persons in Royal Ordnance Factory night shifts Open document
LAB 8/256 Building labour - Priority for work on Bridgend and Glascoed ROF 1939 Open document
AVIA 22/704 Absenteeism at ROF Bridgend case history Study 1942/1945 Open document
AVIA 22/1090 Rates of pay at ROF Bridgend and Glascoed Mon 1939/1951 Open document
AVIA 22/2513 ROF Bridgend purchase of additional land At Brackla Hill 1940/1949 Open document
AY 2/446 Treatment and disposal of waste waters from filling bombs with Yellow Phosphorus at ROF Bridgend May 1943 Open document
LAB 3/138 ROF Bridgend rates of pay 1940 Open document
SUPP 5/1124 Explosion of detonation at ROF Bridgend 18th of May 1941 Open document
HO 144/22490 Dangerous Substances: Explosions at Bridgend ROF. 17 Jan & 18 May 1941enquiries and reports. Closed Document until Jan 2042
AVIA 41/99 Wet 3" Rocket tails ROF Bridgend Open document
DSIR 13/524 Disposal of waste water contamination Open document
SUPP 5/1291 Stores department 1943 Open document
SUPP 1260 History on Royal Ordnance Factories in World War 2 Open document
SUPP 5/1257 Suitable site for Cordite 1936 Open document
CAB 27/604 Cabinet committee on the removal of the ROF factories. Open Document
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