The Royal Ordnance Factory
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  The Task Ahead
  The End of War

The Future

Initially, the sites were amalgamated with the Treforest site to the North of Cardiff as part of a government development scheme.

However, Bridgend was set to capitalise on the ROF sites; new enterprises were quick to take advantage of a low cost location with a good transport infrastructure, and a highly motivated skilled labour force.

Today, Bridgend has more than a few major industrial players located on the old Royal Ordnance site, and the likes of Sony, Christie Tyler, and Bayer etc have taken full advantage of this prime location.

Ford too has built its biggest engine manufacturing plant in Europe at Bridgend alongside the old Waterton site, also other large players that have joined in the town’s development, all have reaped the seeds sown during those difficult times.

Today Bridgend is a hive of industrial activity with many high tech companies, and it is still growing year on year, its population too has grown along with its economic wealth, and it has taken full advantage of its wartime geographic location.


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