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The End of the WAR

At 12.01 am on the 9 th of May 1945 hostilities ceased and the Second World War in Europe came to an end.

Cessation of European Hostilities ~ The Arsenal Celebrates. (See document held at the Bridgend Reference Library)

And although the war with Japan was to go on for a few more months the need for full-scale arms production was coming to a close.

Many, other factors would soon have to be addressed and so plans for scaling down production and closure were being considered at the highest levels.

For example there would be a large male demobbed labour force to take into account, and a veritable army of unemployed women to relocate.

Of course there would be massive rebuilding programs to replace damaged factories, office buildings, and housing. This would absorb a large contingent from the armed services and help to reduce the impact caused by the closure of many ordnance and arms factories.


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