The Royal Ordnance Factory
Bridgend South Wales
  The Task Ahead
  The End of War

Finding and Training all of the Employees

Initially, it is known that a number of key employees were transferred from existing Royal Ordnance sites; this core would have been used during the commissioning phase, and then used for training new workers.

Before the war began, most industrial workers were male, but the war was set to change all that, and in the lead-up to the outbreak of war many women were conscripted or coerced into the arms industry throughout the UK.

In this regard the Bridgend Royal Ordnance Factory was no different, as during the war most of the staff that eventually manned the site were female.

Women made ideal machine operators, they were dextrous, hard working, prepared to work long hours for the war effort, and were socially minded; all of which aided the team spirit necessary to keep such a plant fully up and running.

Housing some of the workers that came from further afield from such places as Newport and Camarthen would have to be addressed, some would have been housed locally in lodgings whilst hostel accommodation was provided for others.

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