The Royal Ordnance Factory
Bridgend South Wales
  The Task Ahead
  The End of War


On the 31 st of December 1945 the Bridgend Royal Ordnance Factory ceased full scale production, and thereafter was primarily used as a storage site for munitions until its final closure late in 1946. Thus ending what had been one of the major engineering feats of the war. (See Appendix 4 ~ A typical redundancy notice dated 30 November 2023).

It had indeed made a significant contribution to the successful prosecution of the Second World War.

What was to follow can best be described as the beginning of a new chapter in Welsh Industrial History.

Truly it should be considered a success story, and it owed this success to the contribution of the many people involved in its creation and operation from the early days of 1935 until its end in 1946 .

In the eerie quiet that followed many ghosts were laid to rest, the factories had survived the rigours of war only to succumb to the peace.

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