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Bridgend Reference Library Documents

1. Bridgend’s Claim as Arsenal Site -- The Glamorgan Gazette, Friday July 27 1934

2. Arsenal for Bridgend ~ Huge Developments Expected - The Glamorgan Gazette 22 nd May 1935

3. Ammunitions Factory for Bridgend ~ War Office Purchase - Waterton Court Farm – The Glamorgan Gazette 29 th May 1935

4. Start on Bridgend Arms Factory – Western Mail & South Wales News 27 th November 1936

5. ‘Orange Faces on the rail trip home’ -- Glamorgan Gazette 6th May 1975 A report taken from Mr. J Westrop, Bridgend.

6. Cessation of European Hostilities ~ Announcement by Mr. L.J. Corbett Bridgend ROF Superintendent 7 th May 1945

7. Detection of Gases most likely to be used in War – Official ROF guidance.

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