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Appendix 7 Bridgend ROF News Letter - ROF 53 NEWS

Bridgend Royal Ordnance Factory News Letter


Communication within a large complex such as the Arsenal was difficult at the best of times. At Waterton and Brackla a complex audio paging network had been installed but this could only cope with the operational day to day requirements and with the relaying of radio programs.

To keep everyone in touch with the local news and day to day events a monthly news-sheet was produced, this was published by the Bridgend ROF for local circulation within the Arsenal.

It included details of sporting events, competitions, entertainment, charitable collections, personal news items and comments from management and workers alike.

Snippets of these have been extracted from issues published in 1942 and 1943, unfortunately few issues are left, and only a few copies are available for viewing, these are currently held at the South Wales Police museum.


22nd June 1942 Issue of ROF 53 NEWS

Sports & Social

  • Club Tennis Championship
  • Inter-departmental Tennis
  • Sports day schedules for 15 th August 1942

Morgan Evans B.E.M

Recognition of his services to the trade union movement within the Bridgend ROF.


3 members of staff recently married.

The Hostel

Report back after 1 year, details of success in its endeavours to settle its residents through location, entertainment, environment, and spiritual support.

Training Department

“Training for Victory”

Brackla “A”

Go as you please contest – RED shift provided all the talent and won hands down.

R.O.F. Drama Society

Performances scheduled for the 8 th & 10 th of July in aid of charities.

Never Absent Never Late.

A tribute to Mr. J. Thomas No. 11 197

Gunpowder Savings

“HE” the £100 mark is really swell

But Gunpowder, too can ring the hell”, etc.

A little ditty from one of the team.

Wags Corner.

A dental plate was found lying on the road the other day. Any claimants?

These are a few samples taken from this issue; there are undoubtedly many more that could be mentioned from other issues of the news-sheets, two examples of which follow.


November 1942 issue.

Ten Shillings and six pence for a Banana!!!!

A banana was raffled in the Stores branch of Admin. 10s-6d was realized, and this was sent to St. Dunstans. (In 2002 this would equate to about £15-00). But in 1942 bananas were truly luxuries.

Gunpowder Section

A cheque for £55-00 was handed to H.R.H. The Duke of Gloucester’s Red Cross and St John fund being the proceeds of a Dance organised by the Green Shift held on the 4 th Sept 1942.


These ROF news-sheets helped to create a community sprit of belonging in this vast enterprise.


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