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Appendix 3 List of the types of Munitions made at Bridgend ROF

Although Bridgend ROF was originally assigned as a replacement filling factory for Waltham Abbey it rapidly expanded to include many other types of munitions from 1940 onwards.

The known types of Munitions manufactured at Bridgend are listed below.

1. Cordite Bags & Pellets

2. Naval Tubes

3. Gas-shells

4. Smoke Bombs

5. 25 pounder 3 ¾" base ejection Shells

6. RAF bomb tail Fuzes

7. RD202 Fuze Powder Explosive used in the 25 pounder 3 ¾ “ base ejection & gas shells

8. Detonators e.g. The 5 grain A.S.A detonator used in the type 119 Fuze.

9. Primers

10. 40mm anti-aircraft shells

11. 2 pounder shells

12. Initiators

13. Air to Ground Rockets

14. Type 119 Fuzes, these were used in the 25 pounder artillery shells.

15. Type 243 Fuzes.

16. Fuze and Phosphorus shell filling

17. Life Saving Rockets

18. 3” Mortar Shells

This data has been compiled from both official and unofficial sources.


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