The Royal Ordnance Factory
Bridgend South Wales
  The Task Ahead
  The End of War


Appendix 1 Royal Ordnance Structure
Appendix 2 Bridgend Royal Ordnance Factory Management Structure
Appendix 3 List of the types of Munitions made at Bridgend ROF
Appendix 4 A typical redundancy notice -- 30 th November 1945
Appendix 5 General Safety Directives (A typical GSD Notice) ~ GSD 6/303
Appendix 6 Bridgend ROF Buildings
Appendix 7 Bridgend ROF News Letter - ROF 53 NEWS
Appendix 8 Pre War Landowners of the Brackla and Waterton sites
Appendix 9 Breakdown of Construction Costs Post September 1939
Appendix 10 Currency Conversion and Inflation of the UK pound
Appendix 11 Bridgend ROF Job Designations and Employee Numbers
Appendix 12 Comparison of ROF Filling Factory Figures in World War II
Appendix 13 Bridgend Urban District Council Minutes 1936 - 1944

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