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Bridgend County Borough Council Reference Library

To the family of the late Mr Jams Gwynne for providing the Bridgend reference library with his wartime records and notes.

Imperial War Museum – The Sinews of War – see WEB site: - photos and posters -

A large amount of the data and information that has been compiled in this research document has been obtained from the Public Records Office at Kew. Copies of these are listed in this paper and can be viewed at or purchased from the Public Records Office at KEW.

Photographs obtained from the Glamorgan Record Office have been included after permission from the original photographers was sought.

Central Registry for Air Photography for Wales.

The “Bridgend Post” for advertising the authors research and calling for correspondents.

Dr. James Fox Sub Britannica Research Study Group: Brackla Tunnel Photographs


Andrew White: Webmaster ROF Risley Photographs and Posters

Brett Exton: e-mail address: Brackla Site Photograph

Tempus Publishing Limited Stroud Gloucestershire: ROF Photographs

Ben Soffa: Brackla Site Photograph’s e-mail:

Julia Mason Curator South Wales Police Museum - ROF News Sheets

Waterton Site Photographs by kind permission of ©National Museums & Galleries of Wales – and the courtesy of Mr Richard Davies - Curator of Modern and Contemporary Industry.

The British Library: Site Ordinance Maps


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